Sales Checklist Part Four: Know What Questions To Ask

You are always more effective and efficient when you are prepared.  This series of articles will give you a physical checklist to use before each sales call that will make you much more successful.   How much more successful? You will see a minimum increase of 10% in sales.


Questions are the key.  When you ask questions you show that you care.  The person asking the questions leads the conversation.  What happens when you go into the Doctor’s office?  When you made the appointment they asked you why you wanted to see the doctor.  When you walk in the door the receptionist asks why you made the appointment and when you see the doctor she asks why you have come to see her.  Why do they ask this question at least three times?  They never want to assume anything about your health. And you never want to assume anything about your customer’s business health either.

Questions for Rapport Building:

One of the best ways to build rapport, which is absolutely necessary in selling, is to give information that is increasingly revealing while asking questions that match the information you give.

Example.   Hello Mr. Smith, my name is John Cameron, with and this is a sales call.  I’m calling because a lot of my insurance clients’ sales people had call reluctance, mostly from a lack of skill in things like opening sales statement, turning the gatekeeper into an ally, countering objections, effective voicemail.  If I could help you like I’ve helped so many others in these areas would it be worth looking at?  

 What did I do?  In the 24 seconds I prefaced a question with a couple of pieces of information that built rapport.  I told the future customer who I was, why I was calling, demonstrated truthfulness and competence and then asked a question that could lead to a conversation.

There are questions for each business, when asked at the right place in a conversation, that really open up the sales process and frequently lead to sales.

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Let’s take advertising.  Advertising is about delivering eyes or ears to your message and helping convert those eyes or ears into calls, visits or clicks.  A conversation about advertising would lead to the key question.  The key question is all about some form of ROI.

Mr. Contractor, we’re in the business of delivering calls to your phone from qualified potential customers.  What’s an inquiry call worth in today’s market?   And, help me make sure I understand your business model.  Calls lead to conversations. Conversations lead to appointments and appointments lead to bids.  Bids lead to sales.  So the question   is-how many inquiry calls do you need, statistically, to lead to a sale?

This question isn’t the first question you would ask.  It might take ten questions to lead to this question.  And, this question is the key.   More on Questions in the next Article.

Activity Triggers/Action Items:

1. Prepare Questions to Build Rapport

2. Prepare questions to prevent objections

3. Prepare questions to show ROI

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