Pre Sales Checklist Part Two: Warm Up

You are always more effective and efficient when you are prepared.  This White Paper will give you a physical checklist to use before each sales call that will make you much more successful. You will see a minimum increase of 10% in sales.

First, I will go over the important things to cover in a checklist in narrative form.  This will give you the reasoning behind the items on the checklist.   Then I will give you the actual checklist for your personal use.

The Warm Up

Think about how an Olympic athlete warms up his/her body, focuses their mental and emotional energy and prepares and practices before a competition.  Aren’t you competing for something more important than glory?  You are preparing to take care of your customer, your company, your success, your security and that of your family.

Your voice is especially important whether you are making calls face to face or by phone.  Have you warmed up your voice?  Sing scales in the car on the way to work.  Repeat tongue twisters like She sells seashells by the seashore and Irish wristwatch, Swiss wristwatch, Irish wristwatch, Swiss wristwatch, Irish wristwatch, Swiss wristwatch, Irish wristwatch, Swiss wristwatch.  Then try saying A bucket of red blood, a bucket of black blood, a A bucket of red blood, a bucket of black blood. Focus on saying the ends of each word very clearly.  Before the days of wireless microphones stage performers were taught to project their voices, not by speaking more loudly, but by speaking more clearly.

Your voice is produced through a combination of body elements such as your breath, your diaphragm, the position of your tongue in your mouth, how hydrated your mouth is and very importantly, how relaxed your face is. All these elements come together to give your voice power and believability.

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You don’t see opera singers sitting down during a performance because this closes the diaphragm and restricts breathing.  When your throat tightens or your mouth becomes dry your vocal chords become less flexible and more highly pitched and this translates into a nervous sound.  The listener frequently thinks something like this when they hear you- “He must be lying. Why else would he be nervous?”

If you are making the call face to face it is equally important to prepare your face and voice. And, you must add other warm ups.  You must warm up your body and your handshake.  Warm up your smile.  You smile honestly with your eyes.  A true smile is virtually impossible to fake.   Because you are meeting someone to persuade them to use your wonderful product or service to make more money, save more money or change their life for the better, you should BE SMILING!  Think about how successful other customers have been using your product or service and the smile will appear on your face.

If you are nervous or tense, breathing exercises will help.  Breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of three and breathe out for a count of four and hold for a count of three and repeat.  I try to listen to comedy on XM radio on the way to sales calls.  Or, I will listen to music or stories that put a smile on my face.  If I am calling from my office I make sure to look at the picture of my daughter on her wedding day or look out at the trees or the American River.

I don’t listen to talk radio and become incensed about the government needing more of my money to waste.  I don’t listen to the latest news about the end of the world as we know it.

I listen to positive uplifting music or talk.  A jaunty peace of music such as Meyer 1B with Yo Yo Ma, Mark O’Conner and Edgar Meyer from Classic Yo Yo Ma, or You’ve Got to Fight for Your Right To Party by the Beastie Boys, or Adele’s Rolling in the Deep or School’s Out by Alice Cooper-whatever gets you happy.

If you have your iPhone with you or your Mac air, watch a video of someone skiing some powder of surfing a nice pipe.

Action Items/Activity Triggers

1. Have a physical checklist and use it before each sales call

2. Warm up physically and mentally before each sales call

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