Pre-Sales Call Checklist Part One

You are always more effective and efficient when you are prepared.  This series of articles will give you a give you a physical checklist to use before each sales call that will make you much more successful.   How much more successful? You will see a minimum increase of 10% in sales.

How important are checklists?  Pilots use a physical checklist before they go up in a plane.  Why?  Checklists save lives.  If you want to see specific examples of how actual checklists save lives in hospitals read Atul Gawande’s Checklist Manifesto.  

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In Checklist Manifesto you will see surgeons forget things that are ingrained in them from their first day in medical school.  You will see that by forgetting these things they endanger patients’ lives.  You will see that by using an actual physical checklist they endanger fewer lives and that the improvement is remarkable.  How remarkable?  Surgeons who used physical checklists in just one area saw a decrease in infections of 40%. Post surgical infections are the biggest accidental killers in hospitals.

This is very important- You must print this checklist and check off each item.  Do not do this mentally.  When surgeons check the items on their checklist mentally, rather than physically checking a box, people die, because they forget important stuff.  The same thing applies in sales.  You will forget things if you do not have and use a physical checklist. 

First, I will go over the important things to cover in a checklist in narrative form.  This will give you the reasoning behind the items on the checklist.   Then I will give you the actual checklist for your personal use.

Activity Triggers/Action Items

1. Have a physical checklist and use this checklist before each call


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