Pre Sales Call Checklist Part Three Practice and Rehearse

You are always more effective and efficient when you are prepared.  This White Paper will give you a physical checklist to use before each sales call that will make you much more successful.   How much more successful? You will see a minimum increase of 10% in sales.

First, I will go over the important things to cover in a checklist in narrative form.  This will give you the reasoning behind the items on the checklist.   Then I will give you the actual checklist for your personal use.


In other articles we talked about warming up your voice, and body and getting pumped.  Now it is time to talk about practice.  Practice doesn’t have to be role-play.  Role-play helps.  HERE IS THE GREAT NEWS-Olympic athletes have proven that accurate mental rehearsal has 85% of the benefit of practice or role play and it’s much less embarrassing and you can do it on your own.

Get your head in a place where you expect to win.  The best definition of sales is the transfer of enthusiasm.  Confidence leads to enthusiasm and confidence, unless you are born with it, comes from competence.  There are many non-experts who have unfounded confidence.  My goal is to give you real confidence coming from the knowledge that you are going to leave your customer better off than they are now and even in the worst-case scenario, you will DO NO HARM!

Join this author, John Cameron for a wonderful sales training webinar for one hour a week over seven weeks. John’s famous Selling When You Can’t See the Whites of Their Eyes 357 Page Workbook and the audio CD program is included.


What do you need to know?

Your must know your product or service inside and out.  Not just how it works for the customer, but the things that aren’t perfect.  You must be ready to set your current or future customer’s expectations.   You want to make sure to make few promises and keep them all AND OVER-DELIVER on those promises.

There is something hugely important.  If you overlook this even a great product at a great price and a great presentation won’t help you.  This is your understanding of the power of habit over your customer.   It is much easier for the customer to keep doing what they are doing, even if it costs them more money or time than using your product or service, than it is for them to change.  Everyone is resistant to change.   They are in the HABIT of using another product or service.

Not only must your product and you be superior, you must have a plan in place to make it easy for the customer to change.  If the change is hard then the greatest product or service at the lowest price won’t matter.

Next, you need to know your customer’s business.  Not just that the guy makes and sells pizza.  What’s the pizza business like?  What has a change in the cost of natural gas, or wood for his oven done to his business?  What have increased costs for the ingredients in his natural pizza dough, his cheese, his locally grown produce and locally produced meats, meant to him.  Is he using domestic olive oil and balsamic vinegar or importing it?  What have increased medical costs and workmen’s comp costs meant to him?  Is he still active in the restaurant association?  Your goal is to know your customers business well enough to run it for him when he takes a day off.  You don’t need to be at that level to make your first sales call.  When you do get there it will be very, very hard for anyone to compete with you.

Who is he using for your product or service now? Why should he change?  How can you make it easy for him to change?  Can you make it easy for him to try your product or service on a trial basis for a nominal fee?  Can you arrange a free test for him? Can you arrange quicker deliver or better terms or a better price?

Is he the real decision maker on your product or service or is it his head pizza chef, his wife or his girlfriend?

Activity Triggers/Action Items

1. Have A physical Checklist

2. Practice, and practice can be effective mental rehearsal

3. Make sure you have all the knowledge you need about your customer’s business.

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