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Pre-Sales Call Checklist Part One

You are always more effective and efficient when you are prepared.  This series of articles will give you a give you a physical checklist to use before each sales call that will make you much more successful.   How much more … Continue reading

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How Long Should I Try a New Sales Approach?

How long do you keep slogging away at a new approach, or in a new market, or with a new product or with a new service before you give up or move on?  Good question! I won’t try to teach … Continue reading

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Sales Training Webinar: Business Development at a Distance Selling When You Can’t See the Whites of Their Eyes

Won’t it be great when you don’t hate sales calls?  How good will it feel when you turn the gatekeeper into an ally, or at least not an enemy, tell 100% of the truth and still get through to the … Continue reading

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Use an A/B Test to Find Your Best Price

We live in wonderful times. It is much easier than ever before to test different prices for a product or service.  It is a relatively easy thing to set up two different web sites with different pricing models.  One web … Continue reading

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