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Should I Always Leave a Voicemail Message?

I called one of my potential clients prepared to leave my final voicemail.  This voicemail is usually my fourth or five attempt to reach someone to see if I can help them.  And, it is final for a period of … Continue reading

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Persuasion-Should I Use Numbers, a Story or Both?

I read a great book a while back called Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath.  In the book the authors talked about a test of different approaches to raise money for children; sick, poor, starving children.  The test … Continue reading

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You Won’t Know When Your Effort Will Pay Off

Why a picture of a piece of wood?  I run by the American River in Sacramento near my home.  Part of a massive Live Oak fell.  This is tough wood.  As a lesson to myself, every other day or so … Continue reading

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