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Preparing For a Sales Call Part 3 Prospecting-Cloning Your Best Relationships

We have all heard that the best potential customer is one that mirrors your best current customer. Clone your winners, low hanging fruit, duplicate your best customer-however you want to say it. And if you are not looking closely at your customer base and identifying clear metrics about them, you are leaving customers and referrals on the table. And, you are wasting time.

I want you to think about cloning your best relationships. How many of us believe that the client buys us first and then the products or services? Did you all raise your hands-figuratively of course. Continue reading

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Preparing for a Successful Sales Call Part 2 Testimonials

You ask the client questions, take the answers and turn them into the testimonial. Then you send the testimonial to the customer to edit. When they don’t send it back, you send them another email asking their permission to use it as is. They eventually agree and you have your testimonial. Continue reading

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