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How to sell to the “do nothing” customer

The do nothing customer isn’t doing nothing. Just because they aren’t buying your product doesn’t mean they aren’t acting. They are doing what they are comfortable with. The idea of change, even good change, is too scary to overcome the … Continue reading

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Understanding Why People Don’t Buy From You

One of the biggest mistakes that sales people make is thinking they know why their customers don’t buy from them… The real reason most people don’t buy sales training is that they can’t hold people accountable to do their current job, much less hold them accountable to learn new information and implement it. Continue reading

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Rapport Building Leads to Referrals-Even if you don’t make the sale

Last week I asked for the order from one of my prospective customers, John.  I had sent him  a working module from my sales simulation training program to evaluate.  He listened to the audio, looked at the workbook and loved … Continue reading

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