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Increasing Sales Performance-Use great short stories

Stories work because we are genetically wired to respond to stories. Our ancestors used stories to teach. We wrap information in a story and the person listening to it becomes the protagonist in the story. When they do this having them make the leap to visualizing themselves using your product or service is easy. Continue reading

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Dealing With Objections: “I am happy with my current vendor part 1″

Any sales training or sales training materials need to help you deal with objections. The objection, “I’m happy with current vendor” is one you must know how to deal with whether you are doing business development, cold calling for appointments, direct selling, dialing for dollars or whatever else you want to call it.

This blog will help you deal with this in two ways. First, I will help you understand what you are really hearing when you hear, “I’m happy with my current vendor.” Second, I will give you a process to deal with this objection. Continue reading

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